How To Select A Good Skin Lightener!

There is a little yet relative unknown fact that so many individuals are not aware when it comes to skin care product and would make you be more cautious when buying skin care products. What exactly am I talking about? It is the fact that any product that you apply on your skin gives you the same effect as if you just ate – this is simply because it gets absorbed into your skin and into your blood stream.

I am sure you must be pondering… so what! Does this really affect me and should I even give a damn? Well guess what, if you realize these two things about your skin 1.) it is sexy and 2.) as we grow older our skin is more prone to getting blemishes like: age spots, sun burns and acne scars, then you would understand why it is important to use only safe products.

So in order to deal with these blemish issues, so many women (and men) turn to the regular skin lightening products which as we all know lightens our skin to give us a more even complexion and a blemish free skin.

However there are a few things that you need to know about the conventional skin lightening products that are readily available in the market. In a moment you would know what I mean by that and why a natural option is the best for you, now let us discuss the manner in which the regular skin lighteners produce results.

How Regular Skin Lightening Works

Do you know that melanin is a dark pigment that determines you skin, hair and even eye color? This particular substance is actually produced by skin cells called melanocytes. Darker people have more melanin. The levels of melanin in your body is chiefly determined by genetics, however there are other factors such as hormones, chemical exposure, skin damage and sunlight exposure that influence melanin.

So in order to lighten the skin complexion, get a more even complexion, reduce their skin blemishes and dark spots, most people go the skin bleaching route. The usual skin lightening products can be bought in most pharmacies, stores or in some cases you might need a prescription from a dermatologist.

When you make use of skin lighteners, you reduce the melanin in your skin. Some individuals use these products on their whole body for months and sometimes years.

Stay Away From Skin Lighteners That Contain Mercury!

The dangerous thing about so many skin lightening products and the idea of using them regularly is that so many of them contain mercury in high levels. In case you don’t already know, mercury is a poisonous substance that can cause kidney, neurological and psychiatric problems. When you make use of mercury based skin lighteners you stand the risk of mercury poisoning.

There are so many health issues that come with mercury based products that mercury is banned from skin care products in the U.S. Even with that, so many sleazy companies still use mercury in skin lighteners in parts of Asia and still in United States. A research carried out recently revealed that 1 in 4 skin lighteners sold in U.S contain mercury (the manufacturers give it a different name).

What Of The Other Types?

Majority of the skin lighteners that currently sold in the U.S.A contain hydroquinone as its active ingredient. However government regulates skin care companies and can only use 2% concentration for products that can be bought over the counter, while skin lighteners that are prescribed by a dermatologist can use up to 4% concentration.

Other ingredients that are contained in skin lighteners include: retinoic acid and steroids. Also these are safer than mercury based products, you should still be wary of these skin lighteners because they can:

  • Age the skin prematurely
  • Increase the risk of skin cancer
  • Cause thinning of the skin and skin infections
  • Result in skin discoloration

As long as you keep using skin lighteners that have hydroquinone and steroids in them you stand the chances of being afflicted with any of these conditions. Now back to what I said in the beginning: what you apply on your skin gets absorbed in to your bloodstream.

How You Can Select A Safe Skin Lightener

We all love having a smooth skin complexion that is free of blemishes and this is why people would always continue to buy skin lighteners. So if you want to buy a skin lightener, then you use a safe one. There a few safe ones so you don’t have to worry, however when choosing a product, make sure that you consider the following:

First of all, before you begin making use of a skin lightener, make sure you see your dermatologist. This is because a specialist can check your medical records and find out if skin lightening is something that you can do.

The next is for you to do is to check the list of ingredients in the skin lightener that you have chosen. Any product that you use must not have a concentration of hydroquinone that is no more than 2%. And make sure that there is no mercury in whatever form be it calomel, mercuri, mercurous, mercurio or what ever camouflage name that it is given.

In Comes The Use Of Natural Skin Lighteners!

Natural skin lighteners are the way to go if you want a health and safe alternative. Products like Illuminatural 6i made by the Skinception line are designed with the idea of using plant-based ingredients and anti-inflammatories. And also some safe patented peptides are on the ingredient list – this is why it is a safe and healthy skin lightening product.

I am sure you might be thinking that because they are natural that means that they are not that effective. However in a very recent survey it was that discovered that 89% of the participants that used niacinamide which is a derivative of vitamin B3 witnessed a clear lightening of the blemishes on their skin.

The most important thing that you should take away from this article is that when you should use a natural skin lightener and stay away from products that contain steroids, hydroquinone and mercury. Instead the product should contain ingredients like alpha-arbutin, plant-based sun filters, natural exfoliants and niacinamide.

Presently Illuminatural 6i made by Skinception is one of the few brands of skin lighteners that meet all these requirements and clinical trials have revealed that it produces noticeable results in less than a month. The fact that it is natural assures you that there are no negative long-term effects when using this product. Here is a clip that shows you what to expect when using it.


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